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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Can See!

I can see this will take a little time. People have emailed me and told me some dreams but have not yet posted any on this blog. Come on people share some stuff! It won't hurt and it's anonymous. I personally am not paying attention much to my dreams right now. I'm just too busy with the daily mundane... How about you?
I'm restarting the survey at the bottom of the blog. Give me your answers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Lucid dreaming happens on its own. You can not make it happen. Becoming aware of and remembering your dreams brings you closer to a lucid state. Last night I had a long sequence. I was driving a small sports car and I was really into spinning it around by breaking loose the rear wheels. Of course it was a rear wheel drive. Anyway I drove it right into this mall and spun it up on the sidewalk right in front of this hair salon and parked it. I went in for a haircut. I explained to the beautician that no one would mind, it was a small car. Go figure!! Dreams are weightless

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Your dream world is who you really are. It is yours and you command it. Sometimes it gets out of control and you just wake-up. This Blog is all about dreams. You can tell them here or not. Sometimes a really cool dream could be the source of a great story or fiction. In which case don't tell it here because you will lose copyrights.

I would love to hear about your dreams, I will tell you mine and it is all about achieving ecstasy because that world belongs to you.

TJ Ginn