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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Are you alone?

Are you alone?

In many of my lucid dreams, I am amazed at the things people say to me.

Am I playing both parts in the dream?

Do I make up what was spoken to me?

How could I be informed by a participant in the dream
that I was having a nightmare and because of what was said
I became aware that I was dreaming and woke-up.

Marie said of the situation, “This is a nightmare!”

Her boyfriend turned straight faced and in such a strange way
and said to her, “Marie, this is a nightmare.”

I said, “My God, this is a nightmare!” and I woke up.

You are not alone.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Bad Dreams

Z z z z ...

     I was talking to a lady acquaintance about my Novel, ‘The Ecstasy of My Dream’ and she told me she hates dreams and when she has one, as if dreaming was rare, she wakes up as fast as possible.

    I quizzed her a little more and I knew she was really uncomfortable talking about it. The most I could discern was, her words… “they just make me feel creepy, like its some other life or maybe death, I don’t know.” And, that was it; end of conversation.

     That is a shame. There was probably much more to it but it’s not for me to say.

     After a long day, especially when it has been a good day, climbing into my world of dreams is a delight. It is because I am lucid, my dreams are a fairy land of delight, mostly. Oh, on occasion I wrestle in turmoil but that is where being the boss always wakes me with understanding and inspiration.

     Who knows what lurks in the minds of many? Scary aye?

Friday, September 6, 2019

Are You the Boss

Are You the Boss in your Dreams?

You are. If you have a nightmare, you wake-up.
You will not allow things in your dreams you don't like.

Your dream world is a secret place.
And it is best you keep it that way.