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Monday, September 5, 2011

Eliminate Sleep

In the course of your life have you ever tried to eliminate sleep? Like Thomas Edison who used catnaps rather than long sleep periods or as many a poet and author have referred to sleep as little slashes of death, those times when you leave you conscious control to the realm of the subconscious or unconscious?

I have at times attempted to eliminate sleep with ideologies such as, “If life was good enough, or sweet enough, or kind enough I would not need to sleep,” that it is the burden of troubles that requires my escape and if I only realized and rationalized this, I could get beyond the need. “Wrong.”

Not only do you need to get away from your troubles, you need to get away from your body, which is the majority of your troubles. When you sleep you are free from the weight, the pressure and the pain of your body, you need to get away from even the image of yourself, you need to get away from the time orientation and finality of your existence and float in the boundless ecstasy away from the differential. If you don’t know what that means… read “The Ecstasy of my Dream”

Get a grip on where you are.

Happy Regards, TJ Ginn

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