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Long Life through Dreaming

The Ecstasy of my Dream

Get in touch with yourself

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     If you are sleeping eight hours a night then an entire one third of your life is in the other world. If you are not sleeping eight hours a night you are damaging your health.
Many factors can contribute to lack of sleep.
Most of them are stress related.

You should find a remedy.
Your sleep world can be ecstacy, and this brings health and longevity.

It is an asset if you become lucid in your dreaming.
It is something you can learn to do.

But then again, believe it or not some people don't have the
capacity for a long life.
They just want to do as much damage as they can and
get out of here quickly.

The secret to a long life is to slow down.
keep your ambition in check and learn how to enjoy life.

Mad ambition is the megalomaniacs disease.
For them life is too short and they must grab as much life as they can
as fast as they can, everyone else be damn.

Becoming lucid in your dreaming is a little slice of heaven if you are willing.
True inspiration can be found there.

Ecstasy is a matter of feeling good about yourself and
many can find themselves in their dreams.

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